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Institution: Iowa State University

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TitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
Substrate-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes as a Generalizable Sensor for Screening of Enzymes for Biomass Degradation PosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSparsh Agarwal  
Substance Use Among Iowa FamiliesPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentDarien BaheShawn Dorius, Cassandra Dorius, Taylor Voorhees, Elizabeth Talbert
Verifying the Molecular Identity of a Cell Fate Gene in Maize EndospermPosterPlant SciencesBrandon Beall 
Design of Quantum-classical Computing Hybrid Algorithms for Materials SimulationPosterPhysics/AstronomyNoah Berthusen 
Creating a Transgenic Drosophila Line Expressing mRFPruby in Primordial Germ CellsOralBiologyWilliam Crow 
The Lucky Store Phenomena PosterEconomicsLucy Dougherty  
Exploring the Mechanisms of Primordial Germ Cell Migration and DeathOralBiologyShannon ErhardtValeria Valentin
Contemporary Plastics in Traditional Intaglio ApplicationsPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesSarah GladeAbigail Keiser
Implementing Specifications onto a Runtime Verification UnitOralEngineeringAbigail HammerMatthew Cauwels, Benjamin Hertz
Strategy-Optimization and Test-Potentiated LearningPosterPsychologyJacob Heeren 
Does Face-Blindness Cause Race-Blindness?PosterPsychologyXavier Heron 
Chronotypes and Somatic Anxiety: The Role of Sleep Quality PosterPsychologyLauren Hudachek 
The Role of Trust and Credibility in Controversial Science CommunicationOralCommunicationsMadelyn HuinkerSamona Garcia
Nature-Inspired Aerodynamically Streamlined Building Envelopes to Mitigate Wind LoadsPosterCivil EngineeringPaul Iman 
Direct 3D Printing of Computer-Aided Design ModelsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringAnushrut Jignasu 
Contemporary Plastics in Intaglio ApplicationsPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesAbigail KeiserSarah Glade
Head Start and Public School: an Investigation of Collaboration and Disconnection in Early ChildhoodPosterEducationEmma Kelley 
Gunfire Locators for Sheriff's Deputies in an Active Shooter ScenarioPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringJoseph Kim 
Developing Drone Distribution Networks for Rural AreasĀ OralBusinessKatie KoehlerKatie Koehler, Jonathan Haage, Kaitlyn Harrington, Stephanie Wathier, Kobe Eischeid, Ty Cook, Anjana Deva Prasad, Andrew Aagesen
Analysis of Mn-rich Lake Sediments by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to Elucidate the Formation of Mn-enrichments in Gale Crater, Mars. OralGeography/GeologyGabrielle Ledesma 
Human Capabilities and the Ethics of DebtOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesJustin Lewiston 
Drosophila Melanogaster as a Model for Diet Mediated NeurodegenerationPosterBiologyKinzie Matz 
Autophagy Importance in Podocyte Homeostasis Using Drosophila as the Model OrganismPosterBiologyRachel Mehmert 
The Impact of a Community Paramedic Program on the Post-Hospitalization Outcomes in Heart Failure PatientsOralNursing & Public HealthJonathan Mennecke 
Effect of Complex Terrains on Wind Energy ProductionOralEngineeringAbigayle MoserTae Hyung Kwon
Arising Insight on Genetic Variability for Sweet Corn Production PosterPlant SciencesCarter Newton 
Relating Health Habits and the Built Environment: a Case Study of the River Bend Neighborhood in Des Moines, Iowa. PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesFrannie Nielsen 
Traditional and Cyber-aggression: Associations with Personality Traits and Technological AbilityPosterPsychologyCaitlyn O'Conner 
Applications of thoracic ultrasonography to evaluate progression and severity of bovine respiratory diseasePosterAnimal SciencesMadison PorterPaiton McDonald
Jurors' Perception of Firearms EvidencePosterPsychologySarah Potter 
How Are English Words with Silent Letters Read?PosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAllison Schwaegler 
Peer Versus Close Friend Relationships Associated with Cannabis Use Among AdolescentsPosterPsychologyCorrine Schwarting  
Do Food and Egg Density Levels Have an Effect on Intraspecific Interactions That Could Lead to Cannibalism Among Monarch (Danaus plexippus) Larvae?PosterEcologyKayla Shepherd 
Does Predation Prevent or Promote Evolution of Virulence of Soybean Aphids? PosterPlant SciencesKelsey Shepherd 
Observations of monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) interactions with plant resources in IowaPosterEcologyBrooklyn Snyder 
Strategies for Improving Education for Rural Girls in Uganda: Evaluating the Strengths and Limitations of the ISU-UP Sanitary Pads ProgramOralSociologyKatie Stringer 
When Numbers Lie: Using Data to Influence Rather Than Inform Opinions and Resource AllocationOralEconomicsThu Tran 
The Roles of 1400w as a Disease Modifying Agent in DFP-induced Epilepsy Rat ModelPosterBiologyJordan Trommater 
Electrochemical Detection of Species in Tear Fluid Following Electrokinetic Enrichment in a Paper DevicePosterChemistryDorian Twedt 
Effects of Giving Refuge on Invasive-Predator-Prey DynamicsPosterMathematicsDavid Uselman 
Study of the Xyloglucan Synthesizing ComplexOralBiochemistryKayla Uthe 
Dislocation and disaster recovery of socially vulnerable households after low attention disastersPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesEmily VanekJasmine Khammany
Evaluating the Use of Autonomous Recording Units for Monitoring Northern Bobwhite CoveysPosterEcologyElke Windschitl 
Discovery and Synthesis of Novel Gold Tetrel PnictidesOralChemistryJuyeon Won