Development of a Supervised Injection Site in Dayton, Ohio Based on Previous Site in Vancouver, Canada

Susanna Sovde, Mari Eggers, Microbiology & Immunology, Montana State University 366 Barnard Hall P.O. Box 173980 Bozeman, MT 59717-3980

Could a supervised injection site (InSite) like the one in Vancouver, British Columbia, be helpful in reducing opioid use disorders in Dayton, Ohio? Dayton has one of the highest opioid use disorder rates in America. Vancouver, BC, had a similar issue ten years ago. This paper looks into how Vancouver used a controversial idea to make progress with their community overdose issue, and how the same idea could be implemented in Dayton. The methods used to conduct this research were a detailed literature review and data analysis using several different types of sources. This includes peer reviewed journals, news articles, and raw opioid use data. The findings of this analysis were that this InSite could be effective in Dayton, but it all depends on how it well it is executed by the project planners and organizers. The supervised injection site is great in theory, but very specific requirements need to be met in order to make it effective. These requirements are different for each city, so more research would need to be conducted in order to truly map this out in a way that would be cost effective. 

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Presenter: Susanna Sovde

Institution: Montana State University Bozeman

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