the Experiences of a Family Fighting Childhood Cancer Regarding Access to Support Resources and Medical Care: an Individual Case Study

Author: Faith Cummings Original Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Scott, AP Research Teacher Institution: 1 Avenue of the Arts, Newport News, 23606

The purpose of this project was to investigate the experiences of a family fighting childhood
cancer and analyze the support resources utilized and their impact on the journey. This was done
using an individual case study of a family with a daughter fighting childhood cancer. Data were
gathered from interviews, email questionnaires and observations conducted by the researcher and
two resiliency scales. To ensure anonymity, any identifiers were changed. Data collected were
coded based on the key experiences of cancer and how those led to the utilization of various
support resources. Then, the researcher analyzed the impact the support resource had on the
family and child’s experiences and journey overall to identify possible trends. The research
indicated that with support, the cancer journey can be enhanced for the family. Also, with the
proper support from those in the life of the child fighting cancer, resilience can be fostered.
However, due to the nature of this study, the results of the research conducted cannot be applied
to other families fighting childhood cancer. There needs to be more research conducted on this
topic to determine whether the results of this study are isolated or part of a larger trend. 

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