Breaking out of the Traditional: Implementation of an Educational Robot in the Faculty of Engineering

Khaled Elmalawany, and Dr. Denis Onen, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Calgary, 2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

North American post-secondary institutions currently face a significant educational concern among engineering
students. It is known that the projection of the instructor’s voice over a visual representation of the material, commonly
known as the traditional method, may be less effective on the actual understanding of knowledge. This study aims to
analyze how such teaching methods can be better targeted or altered to improve the educational experience. Specifically,
it investigates whether the development and implementation of an educational robot in a post-secondary classroom
setting have an impact on the application of education using an active approach instead of a purely theoretical approach.
In this context, an educational robot that this study focused on building to align with the learning outcomes of a course in
the Aerospace and Mechatronics minors at the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary.

To test the hypothesis that the implementation of a robot as an educational resource would augment the students’
learning experiences, a course was developed to include various learning outcomes. This includes autonomous obstacle
detection, line-detection race, and PID controls. Various robots and devices were analyzed using testing procedures
developed as part of the study using MATLAB, Arduino, and microPython as well as analyzing battery life, price, and
durability. The results showed the best outcomes were performed by the ELEGOO Car Kit 3.0.

To test the hypothesis, the developed system and resources will be deployed and employed in an Electrical engineering
a course at the University of Calgary in the Winter 2021 semester.

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Presenter: Khaled Elmalawany

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