Status, Detention, and Deportation: Uncertainty Among Immigrant Communities in the United States

Jennifer Vasquez, Dr. Kiester, Department of Sociology, Albright College 1621 N. 13th Street, Reading, Pennsylvania 19604

Dr. Kiester and Jennifer Vasquez conducted 19 interviews via zoom with immigrant service providers including lawyers, caseworkers, clergy/religious leaders, advocates, and politicians to better understand the impact that Covid-19, detention, deportation, and immigrant legal status uncertainty have on immigrant communities. In reviewing the interviews, three key themes emerged: the emotional and psychological effects on mixed-status families, the financial burden on the family members who are not detained, and the impact of Covid-19 on immigrant communities and the immigrant service providers’ ability to provide adequate services. Findings suggest that communities bear the cost of the way we treat immigrants. 


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Presenter: Jennifer Vasquez Merino

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