Effect on Hypo/Hyper-methylation Rates on Genome Regions CDKN1A, BMAL1, PPARalpha, and PNPLA3 with CBG Implementation Utilizing a Mice Model with MCD Diet to Induce NASH

Dawson Budke, Dr. Yuyan Han, College of Natural and Health Sciences, School of biological sciences, University of Northern Colorado, 501 20th St. Greeley CO, 80639

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a pervasive obesity-related disease, is recognized as the most prominent liver disease in the world (Eslam, 2018). NASH is defined when inflammation is associated with hepatic steatosis, and is induced through a methionine/ choline deficient (MCD) diet (Lee, 2007). Current research is focused on global methylation rates, which represents the addition of a methyl group at various CpG dinucleotide sites. DNA methylation functions as a gene silencer, so global hypermethylation is associated with NASH pathology. However, how the DNA methylation on specific genes would affect the outcome of NASH is unclear. I intend to determine whether cannabigerol (CBG), a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, has either a hypo- or hyper-methylational effect on four genes of focus using MCD-induced NASH liver tissue. These four genes include CDKN1A, BMAL1, PPARgamma, and PNPLA3, all of which have potential pathological effects regarding NAFLD. My research question is: what is the hypo/hyper-methylation rates effect on promoter regions CDKN1A, BMAL1, PPARalpha, and PNPLA3 with CBG implementation utilizing a mouse model with MCD diet to induce NASH? Using frozen mice liver tissue, I will perform a methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify promoter regions of the four genes. Then, I will utilize gel-electrophoresis to check whether the promoter region is methylated or unmethylated. Each of the four genes will be examined under four conditions, providing 16 data points of analysis: control diet, control diet and CBG, MCD diet, and MCD diet and CBG. I hypothesize that first, MCD diet will hyper-methylate my four genes of focus as compared to the control diet. Therefore, the four genes will be more inhibited for the MCD diet group. Second, I hypothesize that the CBG implementation will decrease the local methylation rates at my four focus genes.



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