IoT-Enabled Smart Mobility Devices for Aging and Rehabilitation

Nafisa Mostofa, Kelly Fullin, Sharare Zehtabian, Safa Bacanli, Dr. Damla Turgut, Dr. Ladislau Boloni, University of Central Florida, 4000 Central Florida Blvd, Orlando FL 32816

Elderly individuals often develop disabilities and require the aid of devices in order to perform everyday tasks.  Specifically, elderly visually impaired individuals will need to use conventional aids, such as walkers or canes in order to navigate their surroundings.  However, in a complex, unfamiliar environment, these devices won't be useful in avoiding obstacles. In this paper, we propose a smart walker that is augmented with an ultrasonic sensor and Google's TensorFlow framework that will detect and classify obstacles in the user's path and return the information about the distance of that obstacle.  The smart walker will also guide the user to the best possible path that will avoid these obstacles.  This will all be conveyed through an audio and haptic interface. The goal of our design is to help users navigate their environment faster, safer, and more easily than previous approaches.

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Presenter: Nafisa Mostofa

Institution: University of Central Florida

Type: Poster

Subject: Computer Science

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Session: Poster 5
Date/Time: Tue 12:30pm-1:30pm
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