Learning from Home: Conductometric Titrations

Christian Escritt, Shawna York, Chemistry, Southern Nazarene University, 6729 NW 39th Expressway Bethany, Oklahoma United States 73008

While conductometric titrations have long been a standard technique in analytical chemistry, the complexity of the apparatus needed had caused this method to be in many cases replaced by potentiometric titration upon the advent of inexpensive and convenient pH meters. However, the more recent availability of accurate conductivity probes such as the Vernier line has sparked a renewed interest. Therefore, it was desirable to undertake a review of systems amenable to conductometric titration, which includes not only acid-base systems but also salts and complexes.  Due to the widespread impact of Covid-19, we concentrated on the development of a “kitchen chemistry” conductometric titration lab which can be done at home, with inexpensive and safer reagents. The example of forming a boroglycerol complex from Borax® and glycerin as a substitute for the boric acid-mannitol system is explored in detail.

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Presenter: Christian Escritt

Institution: Southern Nazarene University

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Subject: Chemistry

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Session: Poster 4
Date/Time: Tue 11:00am-12:00pm
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