Regulation of Oncogenic Stress Response in Gastric Cancer

Kaytlin Alzugaray and Alexander Zaika, Department of Surgery, University of Miami Leonard Miller School of Medicine,1600 NW 10th Ave, Miami FL 33136

Gastric cancer remains a major worldwide health problem and is considered the second most common cause of cancer death in the world. Despite numerous multimodal treatment options, this malignancy is considered to be poorly treatable and carry significant morbidity and mortality rate. Oncogenic stress response is a powerful and persistent anti-proliferative response brought on by oncogenic signaling due to the mutation of an oncogene, or the inactivation of a tumor-suppressor gene. In order to accurately understand the specific metabolic pathways affected and proteins involved in gastric tumorigenesis, a model system was created: TetOne-kRas. Primers containing cloning sites: Not1-HF and BamHI were created. PCR, PCR purification, gel electrophoresis, gel purification, and restriction digests were performed on the TetOne Vector and kRas insert. Ligation and transformation process of TetOne Vector and KRAS insert were conducted. Plasmid isolation was performed on eight individual colonies and two confirmed ligated samples were chosen for sequencing. An immortalised normal gastric cell line will be transfected with the TetOne-kRas model system. The clones expressing kRas will be selected and utilized to investigate cellular response to KRAS oncogene in the presence of H. pylori infection. In normal conditions the oncogene activation leads to initiation of oncogenic stress response mechanism to prevent tumorigenic transformation. Since previous studies have shown that H. pylori can inhibit p53 and p14Arf activity in infected cells, future experiments will focus on analyzing whether H. pylori can inhibit the cell’s response to oncogenic stress in the presence of activated KRAS oncogenes. Future studies will be conducted with this model system to understand gastric tumorigenesis and help identify potential targets in the prevention of gastric cancer.

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Presenter: Kaytlin Alzugaray

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