Foster Care Risk of Incarceration

Bertha Knight, Dr. Diane Byrd, and Dr. Andrew Lee, Department of Social Work, Fort Valley State University, 1005 State University Dr, Fort Valley GA 31030

The concern of a governmental facility generating a negative effect to produce harmful production of socioeconomic, race and society represents huge problems. For example, the risk factors for children growing up in foster care include negative outcomes to physical and psychological health (Halfon, Mendonca, & Berkowitz (1995) especially among individuals of color that make up over half of the youth in these facilities (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2012).  Youth in foster care are at risk for becoming incarcerated (Ryan, Marshall, Herz, & Hernandez, 2008).  Currently, it is estimated that youth in foster care represent over 3 million with at least one fourth of these children being involved in the criminal justice system (Anspach, 2018).   The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between the foster care system and the criminal justice system as well as the risk involved with living in foster care. The proposed study will utilize a qualitative methodology specifically, open-ended survey.  Fifteen participants (i.e., foster care administrators, social workers, and workers at the Department of Family and Children Services) will respond to 10 open-ended questions about the risk factors of foster care and factors leading to incarceration.  The participants’ will be asked about their experience concerning foster care children and the children’s involvement in the criminal justice system. Based on Ryan et al., it is expected that participants will report a connection between the foster care system and the criminal justice system.   Data will be analyzed using content analysis procedure identifying similarities and differences in responses of the participants. In conclusion, this study will provide more information on the connection between foster care and incarceration.

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Presenter: Bertha Knight

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