Examining Self-Care Behaviors in Undergraduate Students as a Function of Personality Traits

Victoria August, Dr. Joyce Oates, Psychology Department, Aquinas College 1700 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

This study examines the relationship between the personality traits of college students, as measured by the OCEAN model, and their self-care behaviors. In order to examine this, the researchers combined The Big Five Personality Test (Costa & McCrae, 1992), which is constructed on the OCEAN model, and a novel Self-Care Questionnaire created by the student researcher. This questionnaire tasks participants with rating their likelihood to participate in certain self-care behavior on the same 1 to 5 scale as the Big Five, and includes questions that ask participants about their perceived effectiveness of self-care, the effect of college life on self-care, and their desire to change their self-care behaviors. Data were collected via Google Forms using Amazon's Mechanical Turk as a crowdsourcing platform. In terms of analyses, this study utilized a Pearson’s r correlation matrix comparing the researchers' measures of personality with the Big Five, as well as multiple linear analyses using the Big Five traits as predictors for types of self-care for the questions on effectiveness/desire to change their self-care. Among the analyses, it is pertinent to note that all of our traits were significantly correlated with the Big Five traits, p<.05, though our measure of neuroticism was negatively correlated with the Big Five’s measure of the trait Neuroticism, r(569)= -.537, p<.001. Most importantly,  the Big Five trait of Neuroticism was negatively correlated with all types of self-care as measured by the scales of the Self-Care Questionnaire, including positive, negative, bodily, social, and non-social.

Keywords: self-care, personality traits,  Big Five, coping mechanisms, stress





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