Fostering Cultural Sensitivity and Global Awareness: How International Experiences Shape the Minds of College and Post Graduate Students

Arisha Andha, Haydee V. Soriano, and Dr. Peri Yuksel, Department of Psychology, New Jersey City University, 2039 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305.

In an increasingly globalized world, it has become essential to foster cultural sensitivity and global awareness among college students and postgraduates. Markets have become globalized, catering to a diverse customer base in an interconnected world. Hence, it is very important to investigate how students can increase cultural sensitivity and global awareness through academic means. To analyze the context of international experiences in connection to cultural sensitivity and global mindedness, the present study surveyed current students and alumni. Participants were categorized by Travelers and Non-Travelers and given a virtual survey. The survey, entitled, “Virtual Study on College Success and Beyond” includes the Cultural Sensitivity Inventory (Larke, 1990) and the Global Mindedness Scale (Hett, 1993). Based on previous studies, it is predicted that global engagement will be mediated by the type and length of the study abroad programs and the current occupation of the alumni. Study abroad experiences will show higher levels of cultural sensitivity and global awareness than on-campus or off-campus activities not involving international travel. Postgraduate Travelers who have participated in a study abroad program will gain more global awareness and engagement than post-graduate Non-Travelers. Discussion will include a review and evaluation of effective academic programs to increase cultural sensitivity and global awareness. 

Keywords: International academic programs, global awareness, cultural sensitivity, global mindedness, and international  engagement

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Presenters: Arisha Andha, Haydee Soriano, Peri Yuksel

Institution: New Jersey City University

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Subject: Psychology

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