Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Supramolecular Enzymes

Grace DiBileo and Shauna Harney, Dr. Jillian Smith-Carpenter Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Fairfield University 1073 North Benson Road Fairfield, CT 06824

DNAzymes, or DNA enzymes, are a well-studied class of artificial enzymes. They consist of DNA oligonucleotides capable of performing specific chemical reactions. Our project aims to functionalize self-assembled peptide nanofibers with DNAzymes to produce a novel class of supramolecular catalysts. We modified a self-assembling peptide based on the nucleating core of the amyloid peptide associated with Alzheimer’s disease to yield a dithioester terminated peptide, (SAc)2-KLVFYAE-NH2. Once our thioester-modified peptide is assembled, we will functionalize the surface of the nanostructures with an oligonucleotide sequence capable of forming a DNAzyme. We will attach the oligonucleotide sequence with a 5’ hexynyl modification utilizing thiol-alkyne chemistry after a thiol-thioester exchange on the nanofiber surface. Our ability to modify the peptide surface through thiol-thioester exchange reactions will allow us to control how much of the DNAzyme is added, yielding a range of catalytically active structures. These modifications will be monitored using MALDI mass spectrometry and HPLC analysis. Lastly, an ABTS assay will be used to characterize the catalytic ability of these assemblies, which we believe will yield a new class of supramolecular catalyst.

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Presenters: Grace DiBileo, Shauna Harney

Institution: Fairfield University

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Subject: Biochemistry

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