Implications for Immigrants: A Needs-Assessment of Wicomico County

Johannah Cooper, Dr. Jennifer Jewell, School of Social Work, Salisbury University, 1101 Camden Ave Salisbury MD 21801

In the United States, immigration is not unfamiliar, but has recently been brought to the political foreground. Historically, the U.S. was once a destination for those in search of a better life for themselves and their families. This motivation persists today, however, immigrants are increasingly settling in rural regions where there already exists a shortage of resources available for the current populations. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is a region marked by high rates of poverty and low accessibility to services that is also facing increased immigrant populations settling in the area. Specifically, Wicomico County presents large numbers of Latinx and Haitian migrant individuals and families.  In both impoverished and wealthy regions, there are many concerns for immigrants in terms of their access to health care, education and social services as a result of policies and practices in the United States. Factors that influence accessibility include cost, lack of insurance and language barriers. These hardships are also directly influenced by the current political and economic climates. This research examines existing literature on the needs and experiences of immigrants across the United States. In Wicomico County, little information exists about these experiences, but is needed to best provide for immigrant groups. Based on findings from the literature review, a needs-assessment survey has been developed and conducted on immigrant groups living in Wicomico County. The survey addresses health, education and social service access for migrants living in this region. Data collected will be distributed to local officials and organizations to address the gaps in service for migrant residents. 

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Presenter: Johannah Cooper

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