Mom’s the Word: Marketing to Moms in the New Normal

Natasha Halulakos, Jayanthi Rajan, Department of Business Administration, Albright College, 1621 N 13th St, Reading, PA 19604

Millennial and Gen Z mothers prove to be one of the most lucrative segments for marketers due to their purchasing power. However, new social media purchasing trends among mothers along with the recent COVID-19 pandemic has blurred perception and reality in the lives of moms, presenting unexpected challenges to marketers that make targeting this specific group complex. Brands targeting moms during COVID-19 must adjust their messaging to maintain a sustainable relationship with their target audience. The goal of this research is to examine successful brand communication strategies to Millennial and Gen Z moms on social media amid the COVID-19 pandemic. From innovative activities for kids to fitness motivation, marketers have an opportunity to meet moms’ most pressing needs in meaningful ways.  
Our research builds on the Mintel (2020) research which finds 99% of moms are social media users, the majority visiting Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest on a weekly basis, and make purchases through social media websites. The methodology involves categorizing the top 200 American consumer and retail brands into the six trend driver categories identified by Mintel (2020) research and tracking brand mentions and sentiments on social media platforms using social media analytic tools. Based upon our analysis, we will map buyer personas of moms interacting with brands on social media and identify successful brand communication strategies. We will outline successful integrated marketing communication strategies for brands to reach and communicate effectively with their target audience of moms.   
This study will be relevant to lesser known brands and local brands striving to target one or multiple segment(s) of moms. The consumer behavior of moms during COVID-19 will aid present and future brands wishing to sustain long term relevance with their target market of moms.  

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