Fostering Student Creativity Using Sumo-Bot Team Competition – A Student Club Initiative

Zachary Childers, William Brown, Samantha Mas, Phil Sites, Abdellah Ait Moussa, Department of Engineering and Physics 100 N. University Dr. Edmond, OK 73034

Student-centered thinking has spawned a burgeoning interest in the use of various active learning methods in and out of the classroom including research, creative achievements and various other forms transformative learning experience involving student organizations. The proposed project shares a student initiative that demonstrate the benefit of such learning pedagogy. 
In little less than a decade, the Department of Engineering and Physics (DEP) at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) has become the home of four ABET accredited engineering programs (i.e. Biomedical engineering, Engineering Physics-Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering), with a great pool of very talented students, many of whom already have experience in their respective fields. In order to foster this experience, and creatively engage students in enjoyable yet challenging activities, the current project involves competition between students from all four programs. Each team will design a sumo bot and complete with other teams to push other bots outside of a designated ring. This robot competition is fairly simple, but there are many unique ways of approaching this problem as is repeatedly demonstrated in sumo competitions performed around the globe. Sumo robots are a great way to challenge both experienced and new engineers alike and provide great opportunity to test a design in the real world against other designs. The top three bots will be selected to present at the event about their unique solution to this problem. 

Additional Abstract Information

Presenters: Zachary Childers, William Brown, Samantha Mas, Phil Sites

Institution: University of Central Oklahoma

Type: Poster

Subject: Engineering

Status: Approved

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Session: Poster 6
Date/Time: Tue 2:00pm-3:00pm
Session Number: 4579