Gendered Media Framing of Participants in Political Violence: the Case of Women in the Palestinian Intifadas

Kelsie Greene, Olena Nikolayenko, Department of Political Science, Fordham University, 441 East Fordham Road Bronx, NY 10458

Focusing on the media coverage of Palestinian women’s engagement in the two Intifadas, this paper examines patterns of gendered media framing of participants in political violence. Assuming that gendered narratives are employed strategically, the paper investigates how Arab and Western media exploited gendered representations to position female perpetrators of violence in categories that reinforced certain conceptions of gender. Based upon the analysis of discourse in several Arab, American, and British newspapers, the study found that Arab and Western media employed similar gendered stereotypes in their representation of female Palestinian agents of violence, which served to diminish their political agency. However, there was considerable variation in the interpretation of female violence across media sources. These empirical results contribute to both gender theory and international relations literature by indicating the malleability in representations of gender and the potential consequences of gendering agents of violence on conceptualizations of conflicts.

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Presenter: Kelsie Greene

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