Wearable Sensors to Healthcare

Cara Lawrence, Satyajit Arcot, Ankitha Seelam, and Dr. Maria Javaid, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, Indiana State University, 200 North Seventh Street, Terre Haute IN 47809

This research presents how advancement in technology in the form of wearable sensor system can be used for wellness and healthcare. It involves systematic review of currently available wearable technology and information about vital signs measured by this technology. More importantly, we research how the data captured by these devices is processed to extract information which can help improve the health and wellness of people. We will also explore whether the data from wearable technology is available for public access and how it can be analyzed to provide healthcare and wellness information beyond what existing technology provides. This research focusses only on the sensors which are externally worn on the body without the need of any hospital or laboratory facility, it does not cover the sensing technology implanted inside the body.  

The most common type of wearable technology is worn on wrist in the form of band or watch.  At the wrist, humans can measure pulse, temperature, and heart rate. The skin, being a very thin barrier between our vitals and technology, acts as a highway of information to gyroscopic, position, and temperature sensors. In the human foot, there are seven thousand nerve endings each. With this abundance of data that could be collected from the feet, sensing system can also be placed in shoes. Posture and movement can be monitored through foot position, as well as heart rate through pulse vibrations felt at the sole can be monitored. Wearable foot sensors can also boost athletic performance to ensure highest training quality and competition results. 


Refai, M. I. M., van Beijnum, B. J. F., Buurke, J. H., & Veltink, P. H. (2018). Gait and Dynamic Balance Sensing Using Wearable Foot Sensors. IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering, 27(2), 218-227.  

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Presenters: Cara Lawrence, Satyajit Arcot, Ankitha Seelam

Institution: Indiana State University

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