Antidepressants Versus Music Therapy: Which Treatment Is Better for Treating Depression in Parkinson's disease?

Emaan Dawood, Faye Prichard, English, VCU Honors College: 701 W Grace St, Richmond, VA 23220

Purpose: Music and medicine are beginning to merge as possible treatment for depression in Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients. Antidepressant medication treatment, the standard form of depression treatment for PD patients, demonstrates ambiguous effects in clinical trials, thus warranting a search for other treatments like music therapy. Therefore, a literature review was conducted to understand how music or antidepressant medication therapy affects depression in the PD population.

Summary: To evaluate antidepressant or music therapy treatment on depression and mood in PD patients, sources via PubMed were obtained and a set of inclusionary criteria were utilized for inclusion in this literature review. More inclusionary criteria were considered (e.g. that depression was diagnosed in accordance with NIH recommendations, that severity of depression was established, etc.). However, the consideration of more criteria would have significantly limited the articles to be included in this paper. The results from the search were then compared both qualitatively (if qualitative information was provided) and quantitatively by calculating the Cohen’s d effect size between the pre- and post- patient-reported outcome measures to determine the magnitude of the experimenter effect. A total of six articles were identified to be included in this literature review.

Conclusion: This literature review indicates mixed results on depression and mood for both music therapy and antidepressant treatment as indicated by variability in effect size. Given mixed results, paucity of studies, and small sample sizes, more research will be needed before conclusions can be garnered. To promote the systematic study of the treatment of depression within this population, future researchers should utilize sensitive patient-reported outcome measures to evaluate improvement in mood, utilize formal methods for diagnosis of depression and severity in PD patients, and obtain larger sample sizes for improved statistical power

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