Design Analysis for a Voice Activated Robotic Bionic Knee Brace

Ruijie Zhu, Emmanuel Cabral, Sohail Zaidi, Vimal Viswanathan. Department of Mechanical engineering, San Jose State University, 1 Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95112 Pranav Bellannagari, IntelliScience Training Institute, 2139 S. 10th Street, San Jose, CA 95112


Mobility impairment resulting from age-related disorders (strokes, spinal cord injuries et.) needs rehabilitation devices that may help patients recover to everyday life. One such knee brace operating on a motor and a gear system was designed and tested at SJSU (SCCUR 2019). This mechanical brace was mounted on a mannequin leg and was operated using an Arduino based push-button system that activated the brace. An effective voice recognition system is being designed that will replace the current activation system in the current work. This project is based on Arduino and speech sensors that trigger the process by the patient’s voice command to move the leg in the forward or backward direction. An Arduino-UNO Micro USB-board and a Geeetech Voice Recognition Module with a microphone were selected for this application. Initial tests are very encouraging, and now a comprehensive software is being developed to ensure the leg's continuous movement without any break. The design of the previous knee brace is being scrutinized and revised. For this purpose, full design calculations are performed to develop an improved version of the current brace. These calculations include actuation stroke range, determination of actuation force from the brace-free body diagram, and motor torque calculation as a function of speed(rpm). SolidWorks is employed for the new design and is used to evaluate the stresses as the leg moves from the vertical to horizontal positions. This presentation will include details on the voice-activated Arduino circuit along with the software for operation. Details on the design calculation (torque, stresses, angular range) will be included. SolidWorks' final design and the structural analysis for the new brace will be explained. 


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Presenters: Ruijie Zhu, Emmanuel Cabral , Pranav Bellannagari, Vimal Viswanathan, Sohail Zaidi

Institution: San Jose State University

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Subject: Engineering

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Session: Poster 6
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