Mechanism of Age Associated Increase in Thrombogenecity: A Narrative Review

Abhisha Patel, Parnian Alavi and Dr. Nadia Jahroudi , Department of Medicine, University of Alberta, 116 St. and 85 Ave., Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2R3

Von Willebrand factor (VWF) is an adhesive protein that initiates thrombus formation and is exclusively expressed in endothelial cells that line blood vessels and platelets. VWF promotes platelet aggregation at the site of vascular injury to prevent blood loss while the repair of the injured vessel proceeds. Circulating levels of VWF protein have been reported to increase with aging and this can lead to excessive platelet aggregation and potentially unwanted thrombus formation. The objective of this review is to discuss the impact of aging on VWF levels, Von Willebrand disease (VWD), VWF cleaving enzyme ADAMTS13 levels, a potential mechanism of the age-associated increase in VWF levels, and involvement of VWF in thrombotic events in COVID-19 patients. We performed comprehensive searches through the Scopus and MEDLINE/PubMed databases which were restricted to English sources. The following main keywords were employed: “VWF and aging”, “aging and thrombosis”, “aging and VWD”, and “VWF and COVID-19”. We discussed studies reporting increased VWF levels with aging in a healthy population and VWF levels in elderly patients with VWD. Additionally, studies reporting association of VWF with other aging-associated comorbidities, and association of inflammation, circadian regulators, dehydration, hypernatremia, ADAMTS13 activity, and SARS-CoV-2 infection with circulating VWF levels were included. A review of the available information regarding the role of the age-associated increase in VWF and its contribution to thrombotic complications provides insight towards planning further studies with the aim of therapeutic interventions. It is vital to investigate the mechanism of the age-associated increase in plasma VFW levels in order to eliminate severe thrombotic complications in the elderly.  

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Presenters: ABHISHA PATEL, Parnian Alavi

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