Toward the Synthesis of Nano-Zeolite-Templated Carbons

Kaitlin Garman, Erin E. Taylor, and Nicholas P. Stadie, Department of Chemistry, Montana State University, PO Box 173400, Bozeman, MT 59717.

Zeolite-templated carbons (ZTCs) are carbon framework materials with short-range disorder and long-range pore-to-pore order with many interesting properties. ZTCs are typically synthesized by impregnating a micron-scale, commercially available, faujasite-type zeolite template with furfuryl alcohol, pyrolyzing the material at high temperatures, and removing the template in acid. The resulting materials are locally amorphous and carbon packing is lower than predicted by pore-filling, indicating imperfect carbon templating. Instead, the synthesis and templating of nano-sized zeolites could yield zeolite-templated carbons with more accurate templating as a result of shorter diffusion pathways between pores, resulting in more homogenous precursor filling and less pore-blocking leading to undesirable outer particle graphitic deposition. Herein, we demonstrate the synthesis and characterization of monodisperse zeolite nanoparticles and subsequent synthesis of nanoscale ZTC.

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Presenter: Kaitlin Garman

Institution: Montana State University Bozeman

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Subject: Chemistry

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Date/Time: Tue 11:00am-12:00pm
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