The Effect of Natural Products on the Growth of Docetaxel Resistant Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells

Sonali Dutta, Dr. Ramneet Kaur, Department of Biology, University of North Georgia, 3820 Mundy Mill Rd, Oakwood, GA 30566

TNBC is a very aggressive form of breast cancer and there is no targeted treatment available for this subtype of breast cancer. Chemotherapy drugs like docetaxel are prescribed for TNBC patients. Chemotherapy is cytotoxic and has various side effects as it cannot differentiate between normal fast dividing cells and fast dividing cancer cells. Docetaxel kills most of the cancer cells, but some cells are resistant to docetaxel. These resistant cells survive, they express cancer stem cell markers on them and are responsible for the relapse of cancer. In this study, we are going to study if natural products like ginger, turmeric, herb (ashwagandha), grapefruit, lemon peel, etc. can kill these docetaxel resistant cells. In this study, we are going to use the bioinformatics approach rather than lab-based experiments because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have found proteins (CD24, KIF11, and KIF14) which get overexpressed when TNBC cells become resistant to docetaxel by making use of Oncomine (research premium edition) and research papers. By making use of molecular docking, a bioinformatics modeling technique, we are going to find out if the chemicals in the natural products interact with the overexpressed proteins in docetaxel-resistant TNBC cells. We will be working with prominent chemicals in natural products like Withaferin A in ashwagandha, curcumin in turmeric, 10-Gingerol/Shigoals in ginger, etc. We have some preliminary data. If we find possible interactions, then it will be a significant finding as these interactions will indicate the potential of the natural products to kill the docetaxel resistant TNBC stem cells. Natural products are well tolerated by the human body and they will be a great substitute for chemotherapy which is toxic for the human body.

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Presenter: Sonali Dutta

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