The Rise of Neoliberalism in Chile and the Effects on the Indigenous Mapuche Community

Tatiana Cherry Santos, Dr. Banuelos-Montes, Department of Modern Languages, Roanoke College 221 College Ln, Salem, VA 24153

The Mapuche in Chile has been a thriving autonomous community long before the colonization of the land. Through the process of Chile becoming a central government and a nation, the Mapuche maintained their culture and own form of autonomy. However, the dictatorship of 1973 brought with it not only human rights violations but also the rise of a Neoliberalist country that has affected the indigenous community of the Mapuche. The project would look at the autonomy of the Mapuche from a historical perspective from colonization to the present. The zero-sum game theory states, one person or group can win something only by causing another person or group to lose it. We can apply this to the laws that were implemented against the Mapuche community throughout history. As those in positions of authority gained power through the dismantling of human rights to the indigenous group, we can see how this has impacted the identity of the Mapuche into the 21stcentury.

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Presenter: Tatiana Cherry Santos

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