Psychology of the Nature of Evil

Tiffany Bickett and Dr. Quentin Hunter, Department of Human Services and Counseling, Lindsey Wilson College, 210 Lindsey Wilson Street, Columbia, Kentucky 42728

In this paper, I evaluate the psychological facets of the nature of evil: particularly, the relationships between evil and the concepts of neurobiology, personality characteristics, and social environments. I argue for a definition of evil based on an individual’s ability to act in ways that cause substantial harm to oneself, others, and/or society. After reviewing existing literature, it is evident that a person’s brain chemistry can lend one to partaking in evil, a person’s specific personality traits or disorders can factor into their ability or desire to participate in evil acts, and a person’s social circumstances can foster an environment in which evil is prominent. Considering this definition of evil, evil capacities are then inherent within all humans. 

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Presenter: Tiffany Bickett

Institution: Lindsey Wilson College

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Subject: Psychology

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