Raphael’s Interactive School of Learning

Author: Marieth Coetzer Faculty Mentor: Jamie Buettner Department: Art Institution: Reedley College Institutional Address: Reedley College, 995 North Reed Ave Reedley, CA 93654

When Plato founded his famous academy, it was a place for people to learn through exploration, question, and interaction. With its pupils known for discovering the secrets of philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy, it is no surprise that Plato’s Academy is considered one of the biggest intellectual hubs in Western history. Centuries later, when Raphael painted Plato’s Academy in School of Athens, he did not only portray history, but incorporated the interactions he would have experienced among the geniuses during the intellectual boom of the Renaissance. This study will analyze this painting, starting with a historical meta-analysis to identify some of the main figures and their fields of study. It will divide the painting into sections to identity how Raphael believed learning should be experienced, and will then analyze how the different groups utilize visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles in their respective disciplines. Studying the interactions between the individuals of the sections will provide insight into the interdisciplinary mindset of the Renaissance. The conclusion will provide a brief historical overview of the individuals Raphael painted, followed by an analysis of the different sections as shown by the composition of the painting. These insights will not only include a fresh lens through which to view education, but also provide practical ideas to be adapted to the classroom.

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