Drone Ultrasound Acoustic Energy Transfer

Neema A. Ahmadian and Shima Shahab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA 24061

Ultrasound Acoustic Energy Transfer (UAET) is the wireless transfer of energy without the use of physical plugs or wires.  Acoustic energy is transferred through a physical medium from a transducer to a receiver.  Many self-powered devices today are limited by their energy storage capacity.  UAET can be used to extend the range of weight or size restricted devices to achieve tasks beyond their internal capabilities.  One such type of device is drones.  Electric drones are limited by the weight of their batteries making it difficult to increase their flight times past 15-20 minutes. Therefore, there is a shortcoming about battery life in drones. In this presentation, we introduce the concept of UAET to be applied for drones. The proposed prototype for the wireless ultrasonic power transmission channel was formed by a piezoelectric transmitter and receiver through a drone body wall. We will use an XBee and microcontroller which support peer-to-peer as well as point to multipoint network communications wirelessly. This research was supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), award number ECCS 1711139.  

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Presenter: Neema Ahmadian

Institution: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U

Type: Poster

Subject: Engineering

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Session: Poster 6
Date/Time: Tue 2:00pm-3:00pm
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