Facial Covering Throughout History Shown in Art

Ahleena Coolidge, Jamie Buettner, Department of Honors Art History, Reedley College, 995 N. Reed, Reedley CA 93631

Facial coverings have been portrayed all throughout history in artworks to showcase their importance. My aim for this research project will be to bring to light how facial coverings were used in different time periods and how that is shown through art. To conduct my research I will be looking at costume history texts, journal articles, and art history texts. I will also be using a primary resource titled “The Clothing of the Renaissance World” by Margaret F. Rosenthal and Ann Rosalind Jones. I am hopefully in finding paintings, drawings, and engravings depicting images of persons wearing mask. I anticipate my results will be significant in finding that masks were used for numerous reasons varying from political schemes, medical, modesty, and protection during long trips. Facial coverings also correlate to our world right now because masks are more prevalent than ever before due to the current pandemic. With that being said I also anticipate uncovering many psychological theories on why some individuals are more likely to wear masks than others. My research will throughly investigate the psychological aspect behind the usage of facial coverings as well as the purpose they serve the wearers in art pieces.

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Presenter: Ahleena Coolidge

Institution: Reedley College

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Subject: Art History & Visual Arts

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Date/Time: Mon 1:30pm-2:30pm
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