Understanding Mechanical Properties of Honeycomb Structures by Compression Tests

Jing Zhang, Mechanical and Energy Engineering Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) 723 W Michigan Street, Room SL 260H, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5132


The advantages of honeycomb structures compared to others of same volume are that they are lighter, stiffer, and stronger. With time honeycomb structures can be implemented into the way we build everything around us. 

What I would like to accomplish as a research scholar is to push the mechanical structure of the honeycomb figure to its limit by a dynamic compression test more commonly known as The Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar test (SHPB). The article, “Experimental Study on Dynamic Compression Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Honeycomb Structures” performs the SPHB test on a honeycomb structure out of aluminum. I will analyze and investigate their methodology using computer software’s and different materials to make the structure out of. Ideally this will give me a deeper understanding of how honeycomb structures work and how I can apply it to the Mechanical Engineering field. 

The way that I will accomplish this is by developing the honeycomb structure on a software called ANSYS. After that I would have 3D printed it and done the SPHB series of stress and strain test manually in a lab, because of Covid-19 I will do most of my research online. This means that I will investigate what softwares I can use to run stress test on and can give me the most data. I will also look into designing the honeycomb structures with different materials (ex. aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.) the reason for this is to re run the stress and strain test on each material. After the data has been collected, I would like to see if the numbers are proportional to the strength of the material or not. The things that I would need will mostly all be found within my computer and this is to try and practice social distancing. 


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