the Feasibility of Multiple Extruders in Additive Manufacturing

Oluwaseun Peter Omole, Asel Habarakada and Dr. Hamid Dalir, Department of Mechancial and Energy Engineering, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, 799 W. Michigan Street Indianapolis, IN 46202-5195

For the past few decades, additive manufacturing has exploded in popularity and usability. Its versatility ranges from being used recreationally, to create trinkets and other ornaments, to creating missiles! We at the Advanced Composite Structures Engineering Lab, ACSEL, at IUPUI believe that with the growing use of additive manufacturing (also known as 3-D Printing), more unique and stronger combinations can be created with the addition of more extruders.  With a double or even quadruple extruder, we could combine the properties of these materials and evaluate how they affect each other. So we decided to create our own 3-D printer that can handle these capabilities. During this project, the mechanical, electrical, and software of the printer are assembled individually then finally combined together as a fully functioning printer. The mechanical portion of the printer, deals with the physical part of the printer like :the extruders, connections and power supplies. The electrical system mainly deals with the circuit board and its connections. Lastly, the software is all of the code that directs the printer.

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Presenters: Oluwaseun Omole, Asel Habarakada

Institution: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

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Subject: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

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