Sesquiterpene Conformational Data Describes Reaction Pathways

Julie Schrey and Dr. Christian Hamann, Department of Chemistry, Albright College, 1621 N 13th Street, PA 19604

Sesquiterpenes are molecules containing 15 carbons and have great structural diversity. These secondary metabolites are widely used in the flavors and fragrances industry; some common examples are santalene, which is the characteristic sandalwood scent, and zingiberene, the characteristic flavor of ginger. Scientists estimate that there could be upwards of 150,000 representative conformations and an overwhelming number of carbocation pathway intermediates, however, there is currently no effective way to organize them. This chaos can be ordered using dihedral angle analysis and a systematic numbering system to develop a searchable database, significantly enhancing the accessibility of the data.

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Presenter: Julie Schrey

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