A Semantic Network Analysis of Media Analytics Job Postings: Challenges and Opportunities for Media Analytics Curricula in Higher Education during the Pandemic.

Ashleigh Afromsky, Dr. Jenny Jiang, Department of Media Analytics, Elon University, 50 Campus Drive, Elon NC 27244

Media Analytics is a rapidly growing field within communications. From May 19, 2020, to November 2, 2020, we collected 25,813 job postings related to media analytics from one of the largest job search websites, Among these postings, nearly 28% are remote jobs. This paper compares the differences between the postings of in-person positions and those of remote positions from the aspects of job titles, highlights, locations, salaries, and types of employers through semantic network analysis. Our findings demonstrate that marketing is the most salient concept in remote and in-person job postings; however, remote positions emphasize content creation, and in-person positions focus more on social media data analysis and SEO. Our findings also indicate that large corporations provide the most opportunities related to media analytics, with highly populated cities comprising the top posting locations; New York City offers the most media analytics-related jobs for both in-person and remote positions. Furthermore, we also found that remote jobs tend to be more on the micro-level and task-oriented, with job descriptions directly related to analytics. In contrast, in-person positions operate on the macro-level and require higher-order skills related to the job posting, specifically regarding management. The implications of these findings are discussed to better understand the opportunities and challenges for the development of media analytics curricula and programs for higher education institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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