Secure Suite: an Open Source Service for Internet Security

Oliver Haney, Hala El Aarag, Department of Computer Sciences, Stetson University 421 N Woodland Blvd Deland, FL 32723

Internet security is constantly at risk as a result of the fast developing and highly sophisticated exploitation methods. These attacks use numerous media to take advantage of the most vulnerable of Internet users. Phishing, spam calling, unsecure content and other means of intrusion threaten Internet users every day. In order to maintain the security and privacy of sensitive user data, the user must pay for  services that  include the  storage and generation of  secure passwords, monitoring  internet traffic to discourage navigation to malicious websites, among other services. Some people do not have the money to purchase privacy protection services  and others find convoluted euphemisms baked into privacy policies quite confusing. In response to this problem, we developed an Internet security software package, Secure Suite, which we  provide as open source and hence free of charge. Users can easily deploy and manage Secure Suite.  It is composed of a password manager, a malicious URL detection service, dubbed MalURLNet,  a URL extender, data visualization tools, a browser extension to interact with the web app, and  utility tools to maintain data integrity. MalURLNet is one of the main components of Secure Suite. It utilizes deep learning and other open source software to mitigate security threats by identifying  malicious URLs.  We exhaustively tested our proposed MalURLNet service. Our studies show that  MalURLNet outperforms  four other famous URL classifiers in terms of  accuracy, loss, precision, recall, and F1-Score. 

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Presenter: Oliver Haney

Institution: Stetson University

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Subject: Computer Science

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Session: Oral 3
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