The Black and Women's Suffrage Created the Alienation Black Women Face Today

Timara Turman, Joseph Tucker Edmonds, Africana Studies, IUPUI 420 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202

From the drafting of the 15th amendment to modern-day, black women have had issues finding access to a full citizenship in society, especially in the political realm. The 14th amendment granted minorities rights and made them citizens, this began the debating and demand for more freedom. The demand for voting rights began and this created the societal position that black women hold today. The exclusion of black women from male-dominated Black suffrage and women movements caused continuous alienation of the Black woman, which led to the modern-day construction of her intersectional identity. This alienation of Black women and their discrimination caused for her to become an invisible member of society. Although her struggles and discrimination claims are valid, she has continued to be overlooked and dehumanized. In doing so, Black men and white women can feel superior and keep their position on the social dominance ladder. In fact, all three groups face the same basis of discrimination and political struggles, but the Black female voice is often overshadowed by the voice of their Black male and white female peers.
Critical Race Feminism theory will be used to analyze the role the National Council of Negro women played in defining and responding to the alienation around the passage of the 15th amendment . Through the use of scholarly work from Jennifer Epsonito, a literary analysis will unveil the need for critical race feminism, and its relation to black women suffrage. Scholarly works will also be used to highlight key moments of alienation from the passage of the 15thamendment until today The National Council of Negro Women’s suffrage journey represent the journey of majority of black women. The findings will show that black women’s multi-layered identity alienated them from everyone else in society, which forced them to make their own society. 

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Presenter: Timara Turman

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