La réalité des actualités : Examining the Relationship Between France and Lebanon

Hannah Domaracki and Dr. Jenell Paris, Department of Sociology, Messiah University, 1 University Avenue, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

The research addresses the question: how does language in French print media depict France’s relationship with Lebanon, in light of both current and historical events?  This project looks at how both Lebanon, France, and their leaders are described within French print media and how the exchange of symbols defines societal realities.  I employed a qualitative, mixed-methods approach using materials-based methods through the collection of newspaper articles, oral history, and observation.  Past scholarly literature on ethno-political relationships has been robust in the fields of history and politics but lacking in the field of sociology.  In an increasingly interconnected world where these relationships are growing in number, it is crucial to understand the perceptions and realities of different cultural groups within the relationships in order to help resolve grievances or conflict within these relationships in the future.  Print media is fundamental in the depiction of these relationships through the use of language as a cultural object.  This study examines them using symbolic interactionism to demonstrate the significance of the symbolic nature of language and its implications in societal perceptions through print media.

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Presenter: Hannah Domaracki

Institution: Messiah University

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Subject: Sociology

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Session: Poster 11
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