Senior Capstone Courses as Undergraduate Research Groups

Gregory Young, School of Music, Montana State University, 182 Howard Hall, Bozeman MT 59717

To better integrate undergraduate research into the curriculum, the most effective approach is to require it for graduation. We have all heard of think tanks and research groups, and I recommend converting capstone courses as such. Like a hybrid course that combines independent study and team collaboration, students can meet once a week as a class with the faculty mentor, check in either online or in person once a week with that professor, and get full course credit for completing a research project. This required course ensures that every student has the experience, and the professor gets teaching load credit. Much like some universities whose administrators tally independent study mentoring and give a course release for about 9 independent projects, this formalizes that arrangement, as long as a maximum limit of 9-12 students per class is enforced. The students can be given a choice of helping with a faculty research project or choosing their own topic. Examples will be shown of both of these models, the former resulting in published scholarship, and the latter resulting in presentations at national and international conferences. Referring to the Routledge Undergraduate Research Series that this presenter has co-authored, discussions will be encouraged that explore the practical implementation of this model in a variety of disciplines.

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Presenter: Gregory Young

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