Nike Group Project

Victor Adenipekun, Jamil Yaro, Tangela Mosby, Destiny Wade, Jordan Schmits, Jason Peters, Department of Richard College of Business.1601 Maple St, Carrollton, GA 30118

The focus of this project was to highlight consumer satisfaction on Nike athletic apparels. Nike is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing of footwear, and apparel. The questionnaire includes Likert questions and questions that focus on apparel quality, customer service, experience, price, and reasoning of choosing Nike over some other sports brands.

  Using Google Forms and physical copies of the questionnaire, we collected 385 usable responses from the population of interest. We analyzed the data using SPSS to develop meaningful conclusions and recommendations. 

  Approximately 90% of respondents Agreed or Strongly Agreed that Nike athletic apparels satisfy their preference. Based on the data collected, consumers prefer Nike over other athletic brands. This led to a recommendation that Nike offers great apparel quality, customer service, and price to their consumers.

T-Tests showed that males and female respondents showed significantly higher scores on their satisfaction of purchasing Nike athletic apparels. In a competitive market, Nike inc. provides better apparel quality and customer experience. This is a significant finding for Nike marketing and business strategy. 

Regression analysis showed that the perforation of Nike athletic apparel was dependent on apparel quality, price and durability. Another regression showed that Nike was perceived as a leading brand in the athletic apparels market for various sporting events and casual outings. The regression shows that Nike does not only offer great customer satisfaction but offers quality products that are durable and flexible for athletic events.

  Recommendations included that Nike makes more marketing efforts towards satisfying their customer with quality athletic apparels. Consumers are interested in the quality of the product Nike offers in their athletic apparel. The conclusion on the report highlights that consumers are satisfied with Nike athletic apparels and prefer the brand over the alternative brands. 



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Presenters: Victor Adenipekun, Jamil Yaro, Tangela Mosby, Destiny Wade, Jordan Schmits, Jason Peter, Victor Adenipekun

Institution: University of West Georgia

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