Description of a New Species of Hyalella (Amphipoda: Hyalellidae) from Belle Isle

Molly McKeon, Taylor Hardy and Dr. Donna Kashian, Department of Biological Sciences, Wayne State University, 5047 Gullen Mall, Detroit MI 48202

Benthic macroinvertebrates make up a significant portion of the biomass of freshwater aquatic ecosystems. The macroinvertebrate species Hyalella azteca occurs in regions from the equator to the Arctic. They are found mainly in shallow freshwater environments, but also dwell in brackish water. They thrive in lentic or lotic water. They are characterized by spines on their dorsal side, which can vary amongst individuals; moreover, there has been variation in their second antennae length. This variation may be an indicator there is more than one taxa present. The differences being studied show a potential speciation event taking place in real-time. The primary objective of this research is to compare the gene sequence of Hyalella from freshwater lagoons on Belle Isle, Detroit MI and compare them to the GenBank® official H. azteca genome. Hyalella were collected from lagoons on Belle Isle with 500 µm D-Nets and stored separately in ethanol. The DNA will be amplified using PCR to obtain larger fragments. The primers are designed to be specific for Hyalella to avoid DNA contaminants. Samples will be sent for Sanger sequencing in forward and reverse directions to the University of Arizona. Our sequences from Hyalella will be compared to already published genomes found in GenBank® using Chromas, MegaX, BLAST and ClustalOmega. Preliminary data indicates that the species found on Belle Isle is a different species than the more-known H. Azteca. From assessment of past data, along with the proceedings from current evaluation of research this is a new species of amphipoda that has speciated from the original H. azteca specimen. If this is the case, publishable research will be formed and sent out by April of 2020 and the specimen in mind will be named. The speciation event creates an open field for further study and description of the specimen.

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Presenter: Molly McKeon

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