3D Printed Biomedical Devices

Sofia Chavele-Dastamani, Tandon Undergraduate Summer Research Program, General Engineering '22, New York University Abu Dhabi, PO Box 129188, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Victoria Bill, Research Mentor, Director of NYU Makerspace, 6 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

This project closely researches the use of 3D printing for crisis response and healthcare, exploring best practices in large-scale rapid prototyping for humanitarian relief and community assistance. From hurricanes and earthquakes to COVID-19, 3D printing provides an affordable, sustainable solution to decentralizing manufacturing, providing a more community-based, large-scale approach to disaster response. It can simplify supply chains and logistics for urgently needed equipment in isolated areas, allowing professionals to fix and prototype specialized medical devices in hours. We explore methods, tools, materials, and approaches to 3D printing in crisis relief, working towards the development of a comprehensive guide of best practices.
Using a hands-on approach to the exploration of 3D printing, and in cooperation with Occupational Therapists at NYU Langone Hospital, we researched and designed biomedical devices that directly address needs of patients, such as a zipper pulls for patients with movement issues. In response to COVID-19, a general use assistive clipping device that can aid patients with telecommunications while hospitalized and isolated during the pandemic was designed, prototyped using 3D printing, and provided for use at NYU Langone.

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Presenter: Sofia Chavele-Dastamani

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