Impact of Telehealth on Rural and Homebound Adults with Chronic Disease

Carina Berg-Author Lyndsey Gates-Faculty Mentor School of Nursing Norwich University 158 Harmon Drive Northfield, VT 05663

Purpose: An integrative review was performed to discover whether telehealth interventions, through increased access to care, effectively reduce hospitalizations among adults living with chronic diseases in homebound or rural situations in the United States. Background: As the Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive shutdowns and community-wide quarantines, the spotlight in healthcare has been on the increasing incorporation of telehealth into chronic disease management. With telehealth used more widely for remote monitoring, tracking, and videoconferencing, there is a need to identify how telehealth impacts the health of rural and homebound adults and whether these interventions effectively prevent unplanned healthcare visits. Methods: Research from PubMed and Google Scholar was analyzed from January 2016 to September 2020 using several inclusion and exclusion criteria. Thirteen articles consisting of qualitative interviewing, systematic reviews, and randomized clinical trials, were identified for inclusion. Results: Five key results were identified from these articles: barriers to usability, telemonitoring effectiveness with homebound adults, the impact of telehealth on rural communities, telehealth effectiveness in reducing unplanned healthcare visits among chronic conditions, and lack of information available regarding telehealth deliverables and shortcomings in reducing hospitalizations. Conclusions: Barriers to telehealth use need to be addressed and early signs and symptoms of acute exacerbations of chronic diseases need to be identified for telehealth monitoring. More research is needed to determine which key interventions most effectively reduce unplanned health care among rural and homebound adults using diverse ethnic and cultural populations.

            Keywords: telehealth, [telemonitoring OR remote monitoring], homebound [adults OR patients], rural [communities OR health], chronic [conditions OR disease], hospitalizations

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