Manga’s Mythical History

Mackenzie Brock, Amanda Horton, Department of Graphic Design, University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N University Drive, Edmond Ok 73034

There is a lot of history to manga that is not common knowledge today. The only thing that people really know about manga is that it is a Japanese comic book that is used to tell entertaining fictional stories filled with superheroes, monsters, and magic. But once, long ago, in the earliest development of manga it was used for an entirely different purpose which lead manga to be what it is today. Hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago, when people believed in the existence of monsters, decided to record various monsters called youkai in scrolls and then began telling stories about them. These depictions and stories on record transcended throughout the ages and many new tales and characters have been created based off these ancient myths, monsters, and history records. Soon these tales were written in books along with images to depict their stories and this process has been evolving throughout the ages to the manga we know today, having been designed and redesigned over and over for hundreds of years.

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