The Effects of Marijuana Products on Patients with Chronic Illness Compared to Polypharmacy.

Christian Berglund, Lauren Yount, Sophia D'Alessandro, and Colin Scranton, School of Nursing, Jacksonville University, 2800 University Blvd. N, Jacksonville, Florida 32211

In people with chronic illness, polypharmacy can lead to addiction and drug abuse (CDC, 2020).  The purpose of this literature review is to examine the possible benefits of cannabis for patients with chronic illnesses.  In its beginning years, marijuana was used as a medicine until it was criminalized and classified as an illicit drug in the early 1900s (Bridgeman et al., 2017).  Recently, states have legalized marijuana whether it be for medical or recreational use.  We aimed to review the relevant literature regarding marijuana products to improve outcomes when compared to pharmacological management in adults with chronic illnesses, including chronic pain.  A literature review was conducted, analyzing a total of 13 scholarly articles, and using the databases Google Scholar, Federal Depository Library Program, Ovid, and ProQuest.  The search parameters included terms like “cannabidiol and pain,” “Cannabis use and sleep,” and “Cannabis and chronic illness.”  Qualitative and quantitative articles were analyzed in order to get a better overall understanding of cannabis use.  Our findings were indicative that cannabis use showed positive results in patients with chronic illnesses compared to polypharmacological management, especially in patients with depression or sleep/anxiety disorders (Shannon et al., 2019; Feingold et al., 2016).  Although cannabis shows promise, there is more research that is needed to be done to ensure safe practice in all patients.  It is important for a provider to facilitate its use to assure that it is okay for each patient’s needs.  The benefits and areas of needed research will be discussed in further detail.

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Presenters: Christian Berglund, Lauren Yount, Sophia D'Alessandro, Colin Scranton

Institution: Jacksonville University

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