Assessing Nurses’ Knowledge of the Care of Clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder Seeking Treatment in the Emergency Department: A Mixed Methods Study

Alexa Hromyak, Dr. Paulette Dorney, Nursing, Moravian College 1200 Main Street Bethlehem, PA 18018

The purpose of the study is to evaluate nurses’ knowledge and care of clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) seeking care in the Emergency Department. Individuals with ASD often seek health care through an emergency department instead of a primary care physician. Research suggests, clients with ASD experience environmental, monetary, timely, sensory and auditory barriers when seeking primary care. A descriptive mixed methods study was conducted using the Knowledge about childhood autism among health workers (KCAHW) questionnaire and a demographic/researcher developed tool. Emergency department nurses that chose to participate were evaluated on their knowledge and opinions regarding care for individuals with ASD. Additionally, nurses who participated were asked to disclose information regarding their nursing education and any other information they felt pertinent to the care of clients with ASD. Data will be analyzed using quantitative and qualitative methods. Results of the study have implications for the nursing community to enhance education, practice and research.


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