Students’ Not-So-Safe Place: Addressing Guns’ Roles in School Shootings

Ryan Huling, Dr. Greta Gaard, Department of English, University of Wisconsin - River Falls, 410 S 3rd St, River Falls, WI 54022

The rise in mass shootings in schools across the United States has created arguments regarding various causes of the events. This research paper dives into an argument by Gary Kleck written after gun control laws were established in response to the school shooting at Columbine High School. Firstly, Kleck’s opposition to gun control is dissected and his motives discussed. The approach uses his own words to show contradiction and counter with real-world examples for support. Then the paper transitions into discussions regarding the effect of mass shootings in schools and their impact on students, parents, teachers, and school climate. Main focuses of the sections include students’ academic success, people’s fear of the school environment, and precautions taken by school districts. These show that schools are doing what they can to protect students. However, the fight over guns produces little headway toward safer schools. The result of the polarizing climate brought on by gun rights and gun control activists is a lack of focus on topics such as toxic masculinity, bullying in schools, and homophobia with their relation to guns and school shootings.

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Presenter: Ryan Huling

Institution: University of Wisconsin - River Falls

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