Organometallic MRI Contrast Agents

Marrissa Izykowicz, Melanie Staszewski, Dr. Anthony J. Rojas, Department of Chemistry, Salisbury University, 1101 Camden Ave, Salisbury MD 21801

Transition metal compounds are used as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents to elucidate malignant tissue. Contrast agents used clinically are based on the lanthanide metal gadolinium and are known as potential neuro- and nephro-toxins. Gadolinium’s noxious qualities necessitate the development of an alternative contrast agent with reduced toxicity that maintain effective magnetic properties for MRI. We have synthesized several contrast agents using iron(II), which is a comparatively benign transition metal, and measured their magnetic susceptibility. We report that manipulation of the surrounding ligand environment of these iron(II) compounds imparts significant control of their magnetic properties. We believe the ability to tune these iron-based MRI contrast agents may aid medical technicians monitor both the structure and temperature of patient tissue, facilitating both diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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Presenters: Marrissa Izykowicz, Melanie Staszewski

Institution: Salisbury University

Type: Poster

Subject: Chemistry

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Session: Poster 4
Date/Time: Tue 11:00am-12:00pm
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