Molecular Phylogeny of a Potential New Species in Rhipidocladum, a Genus of Mexican Woody Bamboo

Ariana Hernandez, Dr. Christopher Tyrrell, Botany, Milwaukee Public Museum 800 W Wells St. Milwaukee, WI 53233 Ariana Hernandez, Dr. Jessica Orlofske, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Parkside College of Natural Health Sciences in Greenquist 900 Wood Rd. Kenosha, WI 53144

We examined the possibility of a new species of Mexican woody bamboo in the genus Rhipidocladum using DNA sequence data to confirm its disimilarity from other Rhipidocladum species and related genera. Recent research found an entirely new genus of bamboo that was thought to be related to Rhipidocladum. This genus was overlooked based on physical characteristics but revealed with genetic data (Tyrrell et al. 2018). Here, we performed a similar procedure to test for a possible new species. The four chloroplast DNA markers: ndhF, trnC-rpoB, trnD-trnT, rps16-trnQ and three nuclear markers pabp1, gpa1, and pvcel1 are to be analyzed to determine the classification of the new species relative to the two most morphologically similar  species: Rhipidocladum bartlettii and R. martinezii. Using DNeasy Plant Mini Kits, DNA was extracted and amplified. Preliminary results were compiled using sequence data from Triplett et al. (2014) to create three phylogenetic trees from the genes pvcel1, pabp1, and gpa1. The new DNA sequences will be added to the phylogeny once they have been sequenced. The three trees were created using RAxML on the online public platform CIPRES. These trees will serve as a framework to look at the evolutionary position of the sequences from the putative new species and the two related species of Mexican woody bamboo. The comparison will help determine how closely related the bamboos are to each other and determine if Rhipidocladum bartlettii, R. martinezii and the target bamboo are all separate species and belong to the genus Rhipidocladum. 

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