Agricultural Gig Economy: Hurdles and Types of Side Hustles

Dhaval Bhakta and Shane Bowyer Ed.D, College of Business, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 730 Maywood Ave, Mankato, MN 56001

The agriculture industry has struggled in the past few years. Low crop prices. High land prices. Trade issues. High insurance and other input costs. Even the weather has been a big factor. As a result of issues such as these, farm owners are needing to find ways to supplement their income. Farmers have had a history of having side jobs and some literature refers to farmers as the original people of the gig economy with entrepreneurial mindsets. The problem is they are farmers and their business knowledge and passion are not necessarily in the side-hustle. The first part of this research will examine various types of off-farm income or side-hustles of farmers. The research will also investigate the issues farmers struggle within starting and maintaining side businesses. The data will be collected using a Qualtrics survey sent via email to farmers in the upper Midwest. The qualitative data will be gathered, examined, and presented in a manner to assist farmers in keeping their farms going through supplemental income; thus, avoiding bankruptcy and out of poverty.


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Presenter: Dhaval Bhakta

Institution: Minnesota State University, Mankato

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