Post-Pandemic Urban Living

Austen Keever and Professor Alicja Hudson, Department of Environmental Design, University of Colorado Boulder, 1060 18th St, Boulder, CO 80309

The goal of this research was to develop a solution to understand how our urban living and working settings begin to mingle as Architecture and the Built Environment change with the repercussions of SARS-CoV-2, otherwise known as COVID-19. Much of the development came through online research of architectural firms and their response to dynamic change, various personal insights to how people are reacting to their current inhabited space across the world and even precedents of how history responded to previous outbreaks. After extensive analysis, findings from a literature review show that individuals are anxious about large city settings, but they need not be. Urban density is not the issue, simply the quality of the environment itself. The findings may be useful in redesigning urban spaces and buildings.

Additional Abstract Information

Presenter: Austen Keever

Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder

Type: Poster

Subject: Architecture & Interior Design

Status: Approved

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Session: Poster 1
Date/Time: Mon 1:30pm-2:30pm
Session Number: 2050