A Fundamental Study on Dynamics of Droplet Shedding

Patricia Agbayani, Sara Moghtadernejad; Sara Moghtadernejad; Chemical Engineering; California State University, Long Beach 1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90840

Due to the rise of droplet-based equipment and techniques in the industry, many companies seek to understand the characteristics and behaviors of droplets. Thus, in this article, we aim to understand a phenomenon called droplet shedding on static and moving surfaces and parameters affecting it along with its applications in the industry through a series of literature reviews and examination of experimental results. Droplet shedding is a phenomenon that occurs when an external force (e.g. airflow) overcomes the adhesion force of the droplet to the substrate. Depending on the properties of the surface or the droplet itself, these interactions may vary. For instance, surface wettability is one of the parameters that determine whether or not a droplet will adhere to the surface. A higher or lower surface wettability is encouraged by implementing techniques such as sandblasting or simple coating application to manipulate the property of the surface. Other parameters such as relative temperature, impact velocity, droplet shape, and droplet volume and their impact on shedding phenomena are also discussed in the current article. 

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Presenter: Patricia Agbayani

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