Low Cost Monitor for Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Benon Gattis, Dr. Dennis Akos, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Colorado Boulder, 3775 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO 80303

The world today is more reliant on GPS and other forms of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) than ever before, with uses ranging from air traffic control to finding the closest Uber. GNSS signals are not foolproof, and can be manipulated by jamming the signal or producing a false signal(spoofing). Jamming results in a lost signal while spoofing results in a false reading, which could be difficult to detect, but still dangerous, if it results in the user’s location being moved only a small amount. Jamming and spoofing affect users daily; truckers often use jammers to jam their company's trackers, though this can have severe impacts, like it did when a trucker accidentally jammed Newark airport(1). The goal of this project is to develop an inexpensive GNSS monitor that displays metrics that could help indicate if the signal is not accurate. The program computes and displays usual metrics like position and time, but also includes several others that are useful to assess signal integrity. These include: Automatic Gain Control (AGC), which has been shown to be effective in detecting spoofing (2), and several time comparisons and tests as GNSS is also the global standard for accurate time, not just positioning. The program is being developed in Matlab for a Ublox F9 receiver, and will run indefinitely while saving and plotting data every 24 hours. While there are other similar programs that run on Windows, the final goal is exploring the possibility of running on smaller, less expensive boards, like Raspberry Pi, resulting in the ultimate low cost platform for GNSS monitoring.


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Presenter: Benon Gattis

Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder

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